img_7345The idea

I put a call out to family, friends and strangers to gather New Year messages. They have varied from favourite quotes, words of advice and challenges. Some are hilarious, some are serious, some are strange – all are profound in their own way. I am handwriting every message onto a postcard to place somewhere around London. Last postcard drop will be Friday 20th January.


Handwritten notes are fading away in our soon-to-be Black Mirror world. Finding a message from a stranger has a ‘message in a bottle’ feel. It’s special. I also think there is something beautiful in the anonymity of these notes. We just don’t know what other people are going through in their lives. This initiative celebrates the simple connection from one human to another.

Where have they been left?

So far…Hampstead Heath, Soho, Kings Cross, Leicester Square, the Southbank – on the tube, in cafés, tied to benches, in bookshops, bus stops…you name it. Can’t give too much detail here for there are many to be found and still many to be scattered.

60 Postcards

I am no stranger to postcards. I’ve left many around the world – in Paris, New York and Australia. It all began as a tribute in memory of my mother, who passed away from bowel cancer in 2012 (blog, book). The handwritten note – particularly on postcards – has become a passion of mine. I never go too long before I start scattering again.

This time I wanted to create a mini project with the broader topic of New Year.


I’m Rachael. You can find me on all the social stuff and via contact page.